With our online programs, we develop competencies/skills required at workplaces, leadership nurturing & development, and personality development. Soft skills will be the key requirement for the majority of the jobs by 2030!

Workplace Skill Development

aCatering to the future skills requirements, Tantalum Workplace Skills Development Program in Bengaluru is well structured and deliberately designed with one single purpose in mind, to bring about deep and lasting behavioral change. Blending leading-edge behavioural research with gamified interactive group learning to steer your professional success!

aTantalum’s skills training program brings the necessary knowledge, skills, and builds attitudes and values that are conducive to personal and career growth.

aYou learn the importance and method to set goals, work with structure & processes, giving & receiving feedback/reviews, relationship management, stakeholder management, and managing perception.

Success is not about who you are,

it is what you do.


The workplace is all about getting your job done as productively and as efficiently as you can. This requires you to have the necessary skills and competencies which will help you thrive and excel in any situation that could come up. In the long run it will guide you to chart your own destiny in whatever you have set out to achieve.

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What are workplace skills? And why are they necessary?

At Tantalum Academy, we call soft skills as workplace skills because this is what big organizations & employers are looking for.
To perform exceptionally well, to be acknowledged and be noticed as someone with caliber, is a journey you have to make, and plan – a conscious one, not something that you will get to more or less organically.
You can be the best at what you do in your field of work, but if you cannot be an effective team member, get along with people, think critically, communicate clearly, solve complex problems that arise in your workplace & build effective strategies, you’re limiting your chances of career success.

How does our program help?

At Tantalum Academy, we help you develop behaviours that are crucial to success. Our programs are designed to equip you with behavioural skills & strategic thinking, where you learn to inculcate, train yourself and develop these skills through our gamified programs.
This will help you to learn new behavioural skills, understand how to handle emotions, build social influence, use structured thinking approaches, identify the behavioural gaps, improve and compensate.

Why are we different?

At Tantalum, we have distilled down the behaviours that teaches you competencies that are very crucial to the organizations growth and to your own career growth. We call these behaviours the Visually Measurable Behaviour (VMB). This is what you have to use and display to be effective in any situation. Further, our Visually Applied Actions model will enable you to use structured thinking approaches to build effective strategies.
Moreover, learning workplace skills doesn’t have to be boring and time consuming. Our game based program is fun, affordable, yet intense and comprehensive. No travel required, learn from anywhere you want. All you need is a smart device & good internet connectivity. One hour to play in a quiet sitting with a group.