Online Gamified Learning Experience Development Program
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The ultimate gamified learning experience

17/01/21 /BIRTHED/


Measurable behavioral change & gamified engagement. Enhance your leadership skills with a unique gamified approach to learning.


Game mechanics is extremely effective with targeted training by bringing in huge engagement and impact. Working with others towards a common purpose in a fun environment, with challenging game scenarios helps bring out your strengths, how others see you, how you are transforming and how you can influence others.


Technology is replacing most of the routine tasks with automation. The future job scenario will focus mostly on the ability of humans to critically think, problem-solving capabilities, emotional judgments, and the ability to socially influence others.


We have blended emotional skills, social skills, and business competencies into one single concept that is crucial to the success of any individual.

Our Gamified Learning Programs

A Path Breaking Approach to Competency Development.


Ignited focuses on the key competencies of business and socio-emotional learning. Learning 21 competencies as visually measurable behaviours leads to:


  • Self – awareness
  • Self – management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making
  • Emotional Skills Development
  • Social Awareness & Influence
  • Complex Problem Solving


Focuses on structured thinking which builds your ability to methodically break down complex problems, by using logic & practicing reasoning to plan, ploy, position, identify patterns, to think about multiple perspectives and possible solutions.


  • Breakthrough thinking
  • Information Processing
  • Strategy
  • Risk Taking
  • Ownership
  • Managing Performance
  • Multitasking
  • Leading people

Our Team

Dr. Mohan Kaul

Chairman of the Board

Mithun Kamath


Sandhya Raghunath


Client Testimonials

Why Us ?

Interactive Approach

Tantalum Academy is committed to imparting online workplace skills and personality development with its gamified skills development programs.

Behavioural Change

Our unique and pathbreaking gamified learning experience teaches emotional, social and business skills that promises measurable behavioural change.

Research Based

Our unique and pathbreaking gamified learning experience teaches emotional, social and business skills that promises measurable behavioural change.

Self-paced & Fun

Conducted as an online collaborative sessions, the peer to peer interactions, the game and the story telling sessions are great fun.

Discover Yourself

Your unique abilities, knowledge, skills, what excites you, how others perceive you and how you can make it big & you are raring to find your best self!

Suitable for Everyone

Suitable for personality development, leadership development, soft skills development, team building, to enhance collaboration, effectively lead teams, build culture etc.

How it works: