Visually Measurable Behaviours

At Tantalum, we have mapped the most important emotional, social, and business competencies that are crucial to success. We have further decoded the critical behaviours, the VMB™, that will enable these competencies to be put into effect. By repeatedly practicing these in various scenarios which simulate real-life situations, you will assimilate these behaviours as a part of your persona.

With these actions, you can master the underlying competencies and your thinking.

Visually Applied Actions – VAA

A proprietary model developed by Tantalum, VAA are a set of structured processes to apply learnt behaviours to real life scenarios to achieve transformational outcomes..

The structure is applied through concepts of design thinking, divergent and convergent thought, and tools such as brainstorming to facilitate application. Our games mirroring real life scenarios provide an excellent avenue for participants to practice VAA and measure their outcomes.

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