Unlock the true potential of your students with your courses and our workplace skills!

For over a decade now, education policy makers and academicians have emphasized the importance of holistic education. Variously termed as socio-emotional skills, 21st century skills & future skills, educational institutions the world over are increasingly including emotional, social and business competency development in their curricula.

The objectives are:

  • To make students employable: For employers, degrees and certifications are a basic. They hire for soft skills!
  • Offer a differentiation to attract employers to hire students directly thus shortening the campus to corporate time
  • Encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship to increase the number of employers
  • To make students socially and emotionally relevant and active contributors to society
  • Help students navigate & succeed in the complex and technologically disrupted world that they live in

Comprehensive and highly engaging, the Tantalum programs are ready to deploy and can easily be fitted into curricula with minimal effort and costs.

Some indicative methods to deploy our program:

  • CA joint certification program that is offered to all students across all disciplines and classes.
  • Final year students eligible for placements are nominated for the program to radically improve their chances of getting employed and in turn raising the bar for the institution
  • Institution and Tantalum together can jointly approach employers for sponsoring prospective students for training & recruitment

We are flexible:

  • The program is fully customizable to meet your unique needs
  • Schedules can be customized to meet the client requirements

What our clients Say

"The world needs this program. Please take it everywhere you can"

- Work Ready Nigeria