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1). Certificate Course in Sales & Business Development:
Salespeople don’t fail because of lack of product knowledge or the sales process, they fail because of lack of personal competencies to handle the customers & situations effectively. To succeed, sales requires emotional adept, influence & business savviness which are intrinsic to social, emotional & business competencies. Their personal attributes, from being ambitious to being a problem solver, must compliment with their aptitude & ability to relate to their customers to form connections to translate into sales.
Our gamified skills development method while instilling these competencies, increases learner engagement by multiple folds, & also makes training fun. We coach them on improving their skillsets, & also validate their newly learnt & reinforced skills with a blockchain based certificate or a badge. To improve relevance, our programs can be customised & tailored to your business requirements.
*Customization elements – product knowledge & sales process









Social awareness & influence

Communication & Storytelling

Persuasion & Negotiation

Analytical thinking & innovation

Creative thinking

Reasoning & Ideation

Critical thinking & analysis

Problem Solving

2). Certificate Course in Customer Service:
In our cluttered environment, what’s the one straightforward way to stand out from the rest of your competition amongst other possible things? Provide excellent customer service that is easy & an impactful experience for a customer to repeatedly choose you amongst other brands.
With our Visually Measurable Behaviours (VMB) tactic,
1). Your customer service staff can use these winning behaviours to operationalise a highly effect empathetic customer centric attitude while making it a pleasant experience for your customers.
2). With our mapped competencies to role specific requirements, they also learn to handle themselves to deal with difficult customers & situations.
3). Our gamified skills development method not only makes training fun but increases learner engagement by multiple folds.
4). The participants will be awarded a course completion blockchain based certificate or a badge.
*Customization elements – product knowledge & customer service process









Creative thinking

Critical thinking

Service mentality

3). Certificate Course in Team Leadership:
The transition from working as an individual contributor in a team, to taking up a leadership role involves strategizing, delegating, managing people, multitasking, planning, time management, resolving conflicts etc, which is a considerable leap. Good management skills is not an intuitive thing, & putting things into action is not just following a plan. This process involves a number of soft skills, like communication, persuasion, negotiation, analytical thinking, problem solving etc. Our Team leadership program is designed to hone a wide range of skills & big picture thinking that will be crucial for effective strategizing, execution, & implementation.


Effective delegation & decision making

Making collaboration & building trust

Ownership & problem solving

Feedback & inclusivity

Team management & conflict resolution