The programs are designed as a pathway to help learners progress toward a larger goal. You can enrol into one program at a time. And each one comes with its own certificate. You will be awarded the blockchain enabled “Achieve Certificate” when you complete all the programs in the series.

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Program-1 Personal Leadership

One hour daily for six to seven days.

Program-2 Relationship Management

One hour daily for six to seven days.

Program-3 Performance Orientation

One hour daily for six to seven days.

Program-4 Interview Presence

One hour daily for six to seven days.

Course Pedagogy:

We employ a ground-breaking teaching approach that combines loads of fun, significant change, and lifelong learning. You will be able to perceive a difference in yourself by the end of the program, as will others.

Course Logistics:

1. 100% online, facilitator led course conducted in a gamified group session.
2. All scheduled sessions conducted over Zoom or similar video conferencing applications.
3. Course requirement: Written & Spoken English
4. Primary mode of Instruction: English. For delivery in local languages please reach out to us.
5. After completing each program, you will receive a digital certificate.
6. If you complete all the four programs, you will receive blockchain enabled “Achieve” Certificate.
7. For schedules and timelines please reach out to us.